The whole point of black Friday and cyber Monday is that they are known for giving you some of the best possible deals and sales of the whole year, which makes them the perfect time for you to start your Christmas shopping. However, since rule number one is to always know your budget, sometimes even the discounted item is not priced low enough, which is why finding some extra coupons or vouchers can be a great way to get even better deals and here are a few places where you can look for them.

Use cashback websites

If you are not familiar with websites of this kind, then now is the time for you to get to know them. These are very popular and very useful sites that, when used, give you a cashback. This means that on every purchase that you make on these websites, the site will give you back a certain percentage of the full amount that you paid. So, after you see what the black Friday and cyber Monday deals are, go and see if there is any cashback website that you are subscribed to and if you are eligible for getting that money.

Check on social media

Social media s one of the most popular ways for brands to advertise their black Friday and cyber Monday deals and sale offers, so if you are serious about your shopping then you should definitely to and check all of your favorite brands’ social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because this way you will be able to know about any special deal as soon as it is announced.

Check student websites

It is a year-round standard that all of the student websites out there are great sources for deals and discounts and different types of giveaways. That is why these sites are the perfect place to look if you are looking for special black Friday and cyber Monday deals since these sites are usually filled with them, even more so in the run up to the shopping weekend. As the time passed and retailers begin to release more and more deals, student sites will be the places where you will find the biggest and best black Friday and cyber Monday deals.

If you are in a tight spot and don’t really know where to go and look for some amazing deals, then these places are a very good starting point, so just take your time and do your research, keep an eye out on these websites in the run up to black Friday and cyber Monday, as well as on the days themselves, and you will be able to find those amazing deals.


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