Do you want to save more on the cyber Monday deals?

If you are not aware, Cyber Monday will be on November 27, 2017. The reason you are reading this article is that you want to buy more for less during the D-day. However, you are not sure how to go about it. Naturally, saving is a human culture. No one would like to spend an extra coin on a product they can get from somewhere else at a lower price and of the same quality.

But how will you save on this big online shopping offers day? Here are the secrets:

a. Shop and abandon carts few days to Cyber Monday

Aha. Are you planning to buy new items but you can’t afford to pay for their price? Do not worry. Here is how to go about it. Generally, on the Cyber Monday, top retailers will be offering products at a half price or less. However, during the day, everyone will be scrambling to optimize the limited offer. Hence, you might not have an opportunity to purchase your desired items.

Now, to avoid missing out, all you need to do is to log in to your shopping account (of course, you must have a customer account on the retailer’s site), fill your cart with the items you want to purchase and abandon it till Cyber Monday.

During the day, the retail will email you offers on the items in your carts as a way of reducing their abandoned carts. Importantly to note, before initiating this process, do your research to be confident that your retail or brand of choice will be taking part on the Cyber Monday sales offer.

b. Shop through sites with cash back programs

Even though your target retailers may be offering killing discount rates, saving another coin is not a bad idea too. For this reason, to save more during Cyber Monday deals, you can use sites with cash back programs. These sites offer you an additional discount for using their services.

For instance, if your brand of choice is offering you a 45% discount, by using the cash back program, you can earn an extra 8% discount or free shipping. Also, some credit and debit card organizations run cash back programs. As such, if you use a card to pay for your shopping, you may earn up to 60% discount. Isn’t this a good idea?

c. Chill out for Cyber Tuesday

If you didn’t make to pay for the products you earnestly desired to buy, do not worry. Participating retailers usually extend their offer to the second day after the Cyber Monday. The aim is to sell the products which were on offer but did not find a customer due to the price. Hence, they slash the price even more. So, if your desire never got a chance, you can chill out for cyber Tuesday and try your luck.

Who knows, you might land the item you were looking for at 70%+ discount on the second day. Thus, if you want to save more, you can postpone your shopping to cyber Tuesday. However, be cautioned: there is no surety that you will get the product on the second day. As such, try to optimize the 24 hours of Cyber Monday deals through prior preparation.


In a word, if you are looking forward to saving some coins on Cyber Monday deals, either you can shop and abandon your cart few days to that date or else, you can use sites and cards with cash back programs to pay for the items in your cart. If this does not fit you, you can chill out for the cyber Tuesday and try your luck.